Pinewood Meadows County (It Begins)

The big city is dangerous and treacherous in these times. Drugs, prostitution and murder filling the streets and news nightly. One family decided to leave it all behind and go live in a small county away from all the big city horrors. The family moved from the big city to enjoy the beauty of small town living. 
Welcome to Pinewood Meadows County where the air is clean, the town is small, peaceful and everyone eventually knows your name.

They would soon realize that they have left one type of horror for another horror which is deadlier. 

Join Grandpa as he tells his life story which is hard to believe yet true to a his young grand daughter Sarah.

Follow young Sarah as she begins college life and learns that there is more to life than meets the eye as she deals with a strange community. With her Grandpa by her side to guide and provide tales of his horror ridden past.