Catholic Faith Overview

The Catholic Church has endured throughout the ages with a rich history keeping the faith alive. This is an easy to understand overview of the Catholic faith to help outsiders know the basic concepts of Catholicism. This can also be used for quick answers to some basic concepts. Doctrines are explained in easy to understand terms such the Trinity, Purgatory, Angels the devil and other topics.
This is a great resource to add to your library

My Personal Catholic Handbook

Catholicism has a rich and robust history. This is an easy to understanding manner in stating of the Catholic faith. This book explains in general terms the Catholic faith doctrines such as God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, The Trinity, the Pope, Angels, Saints, Heaven, Hell, the Devil, Purgatory, the virtues, the vices and why we suffer. Catholics should know their faith and non-Catholics can read and truly understand what Catholics believe and why. 
Why we should pray is explained and some basic prayers have been included in this book.

This is a useful resource for your library.